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Our story

We believe in the inner beauty of the simplicity.
While trends come and go, classics stay.


Our approach

Things that last are important that is why we care about what we are making.

All the fabrics and materials that we use are selected carefully to maintain the best durability in the life of the garments.

"It is always possible to tell when someone cares about what they’re making”
- Margaret Howell.


Our designs

Good design is about using good materials but it is not just the quality that makes you smile.

Timeless and sophisticated, our designs are inspired by minimalist tendencies and characterised by clean, simple silhouettes and muted colours.


Our Perfume

Our fragance is made in the traditional manner. Our supplier commission samples of the finest grade fragrance oils from the UK’s leading fragrance oil manufacturer. These oils are then mixed with a carefully selected blend of alcohol and fragrance enhancers, which, just like fine wine, are left to mature for several months before the first batch is drawn; tested 'in-house'; and then put out to a select group of customers for evaluation. You can be assured of the quality and legality of the fragrance's ingredients and production process.


Our jewellery

Our jewellery supplier has the attention to detail to polish single pieces of jewellery, or the machinery to polish pieces in bulk.

They can Rhodium different metals with White Gold Rhodium, Guild in 18ct yellow, or Rose.

The majority of stones are set on their premises.

You can rest assured that the final piece of jewellery is the best it can be and ready to wear.